Noticeable Google Pixel 5 feature appeared


Google’s new flagship smartphone model continues to emerge new information about Google Pixel 5 features. Recently, new information has emerged about a different Google Pixel 5 feature that has not received much attention. Accordingly, Google seems to have started to use a feature that is not used much in the smartphone industry in its new model.

Under-screen audio streaming with the new Google Pixel 5 feature

After Google shared the official design schemes, it seems that the details of the new technology that may have actually been used in the new model have emerged. A careful look at the schematics shows that the speaker on the top of the device is not included in the upper screen frame. However, it is noteworthy that in the screen saver models that will be used for Google’s Pixel 5, the space at the top is shifted to the left, not in the middle.

Google Pixel 5 özelliği

In fact, this under-screen audio transmission technology is not a first for the technology world. It is known to have been used in LG’s TVs of various models before. Trials were also made on the G8, P30 Pro and P40 Pro models. However, it is not a technology that is preferred to be used very often on the smart phone side.

Indeed, Google has opted to use a new audio transmission technology to make the screen bezels as thin as possible. Since this feature has not yet been officially explained in detail by Google, it is only possible to deduce from the schemes.

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