Nothing From Silent Hill: Guillermo Del Toro Explains His Speech At TGA 2021


Silent Hill: Guillermo Del Toro participated in The Game Awards this year to present the award for best art direction. But his talk caught everyone’s attention when he mentioned how he would still like to work with Silent Hill, even after Silent Hills was cancelled. Now the director explained that this was just a joke and fans shouldn’t have interpreted it as a teaser or anything like that.

The famous director participated in the Happy Sad Confused podcast, shown above, and spoke about the moment, further explaining what happened: “I kind of just wanted to tickle Konami, because I don’t understand. It was so perfect, what we were going to do was so exciting.”

Del Toro certainly doesn’t keep up with what’s new in the gaming world and probably doesn’t know how the orphans of Silent Hills are eager for any sign that the game could somehow make a comeback.

After so many people aren’t at all convinced that Abandoned isn’t a return from Silent Hills – even with its devs denying it several times – it’s no surprise that a line on the game coming directly from Guillermo Del Toro would add fuel to that fire. .

But it seems that, once again, it’s time to calm down. Del Toro even reiterates that he has no intention of trying to work with games again, because he considers himself a cold foot that causes the cancellation of projects where he works.