Those who do not update the zoom will not be able to use it!


Zoom has become one of the most downloaded and fastest rising applications of all time. Since the application started quarantine, it has been valued billions of dollars. It also made it possible for millions of people to hold business meetings, while also having fun conversations with their friends through this application. Zoom announced that it has released new updates. Zoom says it has closed some security holes with its new update, so it requires everyone to update it.

Zoom will not be able to use the new update!

Zoom is developing new measures against vulnerability problems. In this context, it has released a new update in which it covers security gaps.

Zoom, which says that small problems disappear with this update, is a condition in a blog post. If you do not update Zoom 5.0, which is the new update of the application until May 30, you will not be able to use the application.

The application, which is estimated to bring such an obligation to prevent problems, currently has millions of active users.

Zoom 5.0 is positioned as an important version for the video chat platform. This update was introduced in early April as part of the company’s 90-day security development plan.

Zoom includes a stronger encryption standard in order to prevent the capture of content shared on it by people outside your meeting with its new update.

This update also aims to protect users against actions like Zoombombing. Zoombombing has entered our lives as a word used to describe sabotaged meetings.

The Zoom 5.0 update is currently available for download, and the date of May 30, 2020 is the date for those who want to continue using the app.

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