Not touch; Comes with BlackBerry key phone!


BlackBerry, which once attracted attention with its prestige issue phones, launched the popular phones of the 2000s. With its stylish look and premium grip, BlackBerry is trying to come up with new push-button phones next year, which has signed the phones that a generation wants to reach.

BlackBerry may appear next year with new button phone models

OnwardMobility announced it plans to launch a new BlackBerry smartphone with push buttons and 5G capabilities. We can say that the phone, which is said to reach North America and Europe in the first half of 2021, is already enough to excite BlackBerry fans.

It looks like there are dark clouds on the BlackBerry, as the name says. Remember, a few years ago BlackBerry was completely silent. After this silence, TCL agreed to produce two BlackBerry brand phones last year, but later decided not to renew its agreement with the company and stopped selling the devices this month.

As a result of its partnership with TCL, BlackBerry KEY series of push-button smartphones with Android operating system were launched on the market last year. This phone model is also sold in Turkey, unfortunately, he had not seen much demand for it to be a very high price. TCL canceled the partnership after these push-button phones did not create the expected effect. Now, with OnwardMobility, BlackBerry can take another chance.

OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin says the new Blackberry to be produced will be both stylish and safe. The company plans to work with BlackBerry and FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group. According to the statement made by the US-based company, the new 5G powered BlacBerry phones will appear in 2021.


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