Not SHIB: 2 Whales Are Bottom Fishing In This Altcoin!


The biggest Ethereum whales are accumulating 2 popular altcoin projects at the bottom price that cater to real use cases, instead of SHIB or DOGE…

Not SHIB: They bought LINK and MATIC for a million

Two of the biggest whales “Light” and “Trinity” made moves to capitalize on the Chainlink (LINK) drop as the price hits a critical support level. As LINK price approaches the critical support level of $13.78, the biggest Ethereum whales’ appetite for the oracle token is whetting. Chainlink’s price has lost more than 5% on the day and is currently trading near the main support level at around $13.88 per token. LINK briefly touched $13.18 before returning to $14.71 during the day.

As the price recovers, Ethereum whales wake up and start buying the dip. According to the last 24-hour on-chain data provided by WhaleStats, the 25th largest big ETH whale “Trinity” bought a total of 858,198 LINKs worth $12,049,104 ($12 million) in two transactions. In the first transaction, the whale withdrew 700,000 LINK to its wallet for $9,828,000 ($9.8 million). However, after about 4 minutes, he bought another 158,198 LINK for $2,221,104 ($2.2 million). Looking at Whale’s wallet, we see that Chainlink is the sixth largest HODL with 858,148 LINKs worth a total of $12,207,949 ($12.2 million).

Chainlink (LINK) goes one step ahead with huge purchases

Following in the footsteps of “Trinity”, another Ethereum big whale identified as “Light” jumped on the LINK wagon and made a single transaction worth $6,780,000 ($6 million) to buy 500,000 LINK. In just 24 hours, both whales bought 1,358,198 (1.3 million) LINKs for $18,829,104 ($18.8 million). In response to recent whale activity, Chainlink has managed to surpass Polygon (MATIC) and become the most traded token among the top 1,000 Ethereum (ETH) wallets in the previous 24 hours.

According to WhaleStats data we quoted as Somanews, the top 1,000 Ethereum whales currently have a total of 11,146,888 (11.1 million) Chainlinks in their wallets, the equivalent of $151,196,811 ($151 million).