“Do not learn anything.” Zidane gets fed up with a Real Madrid crack


Zinedine Zidane again faces a tough challenge at the head of Real Madrid. The tranquility seems impossible in the white team, but this time because of the string of injuries that have appeared by the end of the year. So many casualties forced the strategist to use the backup options, and although the result says that the bet worked for him, there is a promise that continues to collide with the stone of previous matches. The player who left two conclusions about his performance was Vinícius Júnior.

Against Espanyol, the promising offensive weapons by the gangs were Vinícius and Rodrygo. It seemed the dream opportunity for the least favorite of the Brazilian promises to win good credit and before the penultimate of LaLiga.

The first half was important for Vinícius in terms of the generation of danger, he managed to win in the individual duels, but it was clouded facing the arch. He was the protagonist in the generation of dangerous moves, although he still has pending tasks, of which some evolution should be noted at this point. The technique of the former Flamengo is not discussed, the definition is.

The main problem is that it does not finish reading the game well. He needs to improve a lot on that specific and crucial moment of decision making. Zidane backed the player’s game, however, he was waiting for it to explode in the last meters.


For Zidane it is now or never
Although a good amount of points are still missing for the season to end, this seems like the crucial stretch that will define the development of the titles. The injuries open doors for Vinícius to become important and gain the confidence of the coaching staff. With 19 years it is now or never for the Brazilian to show substantial improvement and become the owner of the left wing. Zidane’s patience is at the limit, so he wants immediate results from the future of Real Madrid.

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