Do not bend over! Anastasiya Kvitko’s mini can’t so much!


Anastasiya Kvitko continues in the fight so that the curves beat the catwalk bodies. The ease you have to leave everyone speechless with each post is indescribable. Of course he has in his favor a great body with science fiction measures. A 96-63-108 is not your telephone number, but the numerical description of a figure available only to those touched by the God of beauty. To think that the clothes sometimes cannot with so much is completely valid, because they seem to reach the limit of resistance.

Using an excessively tight mini short, the main advice that Anastasiya could be given is not to think about stooping. However, the attempts were insufficient, since he made the decision to go down and be at nothing to cause the seams to give way.

Fortunately a photo came out with all the sensuality and exuberance desired. The main power of the publication was to keep its followers glued to the screen as if it were a magnetic force.

Anastasiya Kvitko and the rebellion of her sizes
The Russian refuses to change her sizes to adapt to the fashion industry. It is in favor of the resistance of the curves against the preset bodies. «I will not change anything because I am here because I am natural. I consider myself perfect, ”Anastasiya said about whether he plans to change his measures to what he is asked to receive other opportunities.

Unlike what is thought, to stay above the catwalk sizes, Anastasiya Kvitko also trains and retains a good physical condition. On his routines he comments: «I play sports and spend a lot of time in the gym». At the moment he is achieving his task by attracting the eyes of all parts of the world to know his history and his objective. Will you continue to defy gravity in your next posts?


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