Not at all comfortable with the children “I was afraid”!


Nabilla has changed a lot since she was a mother! Indeed, the star was very afraid of children before having Milann! We tell you everything!

Nabilla shared a few secrets with her fans on Snapchat. Indeed, the star confessed that she was very afraid of children before becoming a mother. Quickly discover all the information!

Since Milann’s birth, Nabilla has lived on a real cloud. Indeed, the pretty brunette is thriving in her new role as a mother. And the latter is ready to do anything for the happiness of her little boy.

However, Thomas’s sweetheart never suspected that she could be so happy with a baby! And for good reason, the it girl has long been very afraid of young children.

Today, Nabilla took stock of her new life on Snapchat. She then confessed to her fans that the arrival of her son changed her outlook.

The young mother is no longer afraid of toddlers. On the contrary, the fashinista no longer sees her life without children. She explains: “Before having my son, I was very afraid of children. I did not like. I was young and I was scared “.

“I had my son, and I started to change. I have evolved a lot. I have become a different person. A lot of things are turned upside down. Now my son is my priority! “.


Nabilla is very moved by confiding in her fans. Indeed, the star can not hold back her tears while talking about her little Milann.

The pretty brunette also adds: “If I knew that life was going to give me such a beautiful, huge gift. It’s inexplicable how I feel about my son.

No doubt: the bomb has become addicted to her little boy. And the latter is even very keen on expanding her family in a few years!

Like what, Nabilla has become a real mother hen since Milann’s arrival. And we wish him much happiness with her little one!


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