Nostalgic Miley Cyrus? It reveals a 12 year old photo!


Miley Cyrus has just posted a sublime photo of her that dates from twelve years ago! Internet users loved this leap in the past!

Definitely, Miley Cyrus loves “throwbacks”. Indeed, the young woman has just posted a photo of her child on Instagram …

Miley Cyrus posted an overly cute snapshot with a humorous caption, “12 years ago. You can’t say I haven’t always been a punk! “. A phrase that is not chosen at random! Indeed, the young woman had a black hair dye and a very smoky makeup at eye level!

People loved this photo of Miley! Indeed, on this picture, the singer is not alone! She is also in the company of the Jonas Brothers! The cliché therefore accumulates almost 2 million likes! We let you contemplate the publication in question below! They’re all adorable, right?

This photo dates from the time when the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus were a hit on the American chain Disney Chanel! Many nostalgic Internet users are therefore numerous to have commented on this publication! “It was really the heyday! Were all so tacky! You are much more beautiful now I think! »Can we read on the canvas! Not sure it would please Miley!

Fortunately for her, other comments, all more kind than the others, also appeared! ” I love this picture ! It’s true that you were already very rebellious at the time Miley Cyrus! But personally, I love you from the start! “Or:” Too beautiful on this photo Miley! The brown was great! Hannah Montana, it really was a good time! »Can we read on the canvas! This should make Cody Simpson’s darling great pleasure!


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