Nostalgia: old movies to watch on Disney Plus


Disney Plus was launched in Brazil in late 2020 and has already established itself here as a streaming platform full of content for the whole family.

With a full catalog, you can watch all old Disney movies, original series from the platform and content from brands like Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel.

The highlight is the classics, because Disney Plus is a great choice for those who love to review good movies. And for this article, we have separated some films that you will certainly want to review right now. Check out.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

One of the most nostalgic films when talking about old Disney films is, without a doubt, what Edward and his scissorhands are protagonists of. Directed by Tim Burton, the production features a young man (played by Johnny Depp) who is somewhat different and who does not live with other people. His naivety, however, ends up being the focus of many people – whether for good or for evil.

Honey, I Stretched the Baby (1992)

The fun sequel to Darling, I Shrunk the Kids basically brings the same core of characters into a new adventure. The film again presents inventor Wayne Szalinski (by Rick Moranis) with a crazy idea. But this time, his son ends up becoming a very strong giant that can bring several problems to the city where they reside.

Abracadabra (1993)

A classic of the Afternoon Session, directed by Kenny Ortega, Abracadabra presents three incredible witches who devise an almost infallible plan to get the youth back and also a lot of power. But for that, they will need to deal with some rather uncomfortable teenagers and a talking cat.

The Lion King (1994)

One of Disney’s most striking animations, The Lion King was quite successful in presenting the saga of young Simba, the legitimate heir of the King of the Jungle Mufasa, trying to regain his rightful place.

For Disney Plus, it is also possible to watch the live-action released in 2019.


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