Nostalgia for the 90s TV series “The Problem” Repeats the best trick of the original


Early concerns suggested that many levels of “90s Show sentimentality would be too overbearing for a series of sequels, although in fact this repeats the best nostalgic trick of the “70s Show. While the main task of the “70s Show” was to pay homage to the culture, social quirks and popular figures of the 1970s, nostalgia for the “90s Show” will not be so simple. Rather, the “90s Show” should combine nostalgia for the culture of the mid-1990s, remnants of the era of the original series and a tribute to the returning characters of the “70s Show.

The “90s Show” repeats the original formula of the “70s Show, following Donna and Eric’s teenage daughter Leia, who stays for the summer with her grandparents Red and Kitty Foreman. Introducing a new generation of Point Place teens, the synopsis of the “90s Show reads: “Sex, drugs and rock and roll never die, they just change clothes.” This hints at the fact that teenagers from the “90s Show” will reuse the “Circle” gag in the basement of the Formans, but with rock bands and politics of the 90s instead of Led Zeppelin and theories about cars moving on water.

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While this ’90s show, the need to balance nostalgia for the new era of the 1990s with nostalgia for the original show and returning characters, could create a problem for a spin-off, the over-indulgence in nostalgia was actually the heart of the original ’70s show. history. From the absurd storylines that were simply written to incorporate some of the most notable trends of the 1970s, or from bringing in numerous celebrities in cameo roles in the series, the best catch of the “70s Show was how much it prioritized nostalgia for the era of titles. While most spin-offs leaning towards stunt cameos and excessive sentimentality of past eras may seem cheap, this may have been the main attraction of the “70s Show. From the roller disco to the Star Wars premiere, the ’70s Show really brought viewers back to that time frame, and the ’90s Show was supposed to do the same in many ways.

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In fact, the “90s Show” can even enhance nostalgia by showing how sentimentality for the past is passed down from generation to generation. While Eric Foreman, Donna Pinciotti and the rest of the teenagers from the original “70s Show” will remember their youth in the 70s, viewers will feel nostalgic for the same thing, as they long to see adult versions of the characters from the “Formans”. “The basement again. Cameos from the original “70s Show” characters also serve two forms of nostalgia: memories of the culture of the 70s and the sentimentality of the 90s in terms of when the original sitcom aired. This show of the 70s debuted in 1998, so the sequel will dig into nostalgia for the time when actors became popular, as well as in the culture of that era, not depicted on the screen.

The “70s Show” was not ashamed of the numerous cameos of actors of the 1970s, rock stars and personalities such as Mary Tyler Moore, Gene Simmons and Billy Dee Williams, but the nostalgic cameos of the “90s Show” will be much more sentimental. Instead of attracting a lot of celebrities, the main cameos will be from returning characters of the “70s Show, who simultaneously serve as popular actors of the 1990s and just stars of the original series. While it’s possible that some of the stars from “Friends” and “Seinfeld” or musicians like Eddie Vedder and Alanis Morissette might make an appearance, the most important cameos of the “90s Show, characteristic of the era, will come from the original cast.