Norway, the country that sells more electric vehicles


Showing that it is taking seriously its goal of becoming the first country in the world to close sales of gasoline and diesel cars by 2025, Norway became, in 2020, the first country in the world where electric vehicles represented more than 50 % of new license plates, according to data released by the country’s Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), this Tuesday (5).

In the press release, OFV reported that electric cars represented 54.3% of all vehicles sold in that country in 2020, a record, compared to 42.4% in 2019. Still according to the council, the automaker German Volkswagen overtook Tesla as the main supplier of electric vehicles in the Nordic country.

Although it is an oil producer, Norway strives to eliminate gasoline and diesel engines in the country by 2025 and, for that to happen, grants full tax exemption to all electric vehicles. The measures have made the country’s automotive market a laboratory for automakers, which continuously bring new brands and models to the top of the best sellers.

The best selling trams in Norway

A sales champion in 2020, the Audi e-tron SUV (from the Volkswagen Group) managed to overtake the previous year’s winner, Tesla’s Model 3. The other models in the bestseller ranking were the Volkswagen ID.3, the Nissan Leaf and the e-Golf, also from Volkswagen.

To achieve its goal of 100% electric vehicles, the Nordic country has applied a policy that is advantageous for industries and consumers, but expensive for the state. As a result, some privileges initially granted to electric car owners are beginning to be cut, such as free urban tolls and authorization to use public transport corridors.

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, the tax loss last year alone was almost 20 billion crowns, equivalent to R $ 12.2 billion.


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