Northwind Is a Promising Game in The Genre of Roguelite And Deck Building.


Northwind is a promising roguelite game in which you have to collect decks in an icy country. Keep reading to learn more about Northwind.

As mentioned above, Northwind is an upcoming roguelite deck—building game. Barking Kitten Interactive Studio is a new Thai game studio. It will be released in early access on PC in the second quarter of 2023. We will definitely inform interested players if a specific release date becomes known.

Northwind follows the story of a mercenary who lives in an icy universe and performs quests to kill ferocious monsters. Players can choose between two mercenaries, each with their own decks and playing styles. Although these two mercenaries have their own decks, players can still open more than 150 cards. This gives players flexibility and allows them to perform various combinations. Players just need to find a style of play that suits them.

As with bagels, the player’s progress is reset after completing a quest or dying. Of course, you won’t lose everything, as there is still progress with each playthrough. Players will get to know the residents of Northwind, as well as help them build their small village. Villagers living in Northwind can help the player in various ways, for example by combining or improving maps. Improving the village helps the player in the long run, so always be sure to improve it.

Of course, as you get stronger, the monsters you fight also get stronger. Climbing makes it harder to run, but it also improves the rewards you get. Hunt down monsters, climb the mercenary ladder and climb to the top to become the best on earth.

“Borei is a challenge and monsters,” says Tunyathorn Sangpunyaruk, producer and marketer at Barking Kitten Interactive. “You will always want to meet new monsters and defeat them with your combos.”

I personally am looking forward to this game, as I have always liked good games in the roguelite genre. I especially like deck-building games in the roguelite genre, such as Slay the Spire, so Northwind is definitely in my plans for future games.


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