North West Plays a Hilarious Prank on Chicago’s Sister Using a Viral TikTok Filter


Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, went viral on TikTok after sharing a prank she staged on her sister Chicago using a fancy filter.

In a 60-second clip posted to North and Kim’s joint account, the social media star decided to trick a 4-year-old Chicago by using a hilarious face-altering filter.

“Okay, Chi, I’m going to cover your face and you’re going to keep it up, okay?” North told her sister when she told her to dance.

When Chicago appeared in the frame, North covered the baby’s eyes with her hands and quickly moved them over her face.

As soon as she took her hands away, Chicago’s left eye was below her face because of the filter. — Chi, what’s wrong with your face?! North asked her sister when the young man looked confused.

“You did it!” replied a 4—year-old girl, studying her new face with a mobile phone.


♬ original sound – Kim and North


Continuing the prank, North said, “Oh, my God, Chi, go look in the mirror!”

Chicago was confused because her face in the mirror looked perfectly normal, but her older sister insisted that the mirror was “broken.”

“Look at you, look at you! The mirror is broken, Chi! she said, before telling her to rub it to “try to fix it.” Then she lied, “Oh, damn it, Chi, you’re going to get stuck!”

When Chicago got caught up in the joke and rubbed her face, the filter was removed, and then she said: “Okay, everyone’s back together!”

TikTok has gone viral with 3.7 million views, and although the comments are disabled, it’s clear that fans liked the trick as it garnered half a million likes.

This isn’t the first time a 9-year-old kid has played a family member. Last month, North played a prank on her mom Kim using TikTok’s “fake eyebrows” filter.


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