North Korea’s New Attack on Cryptocurrency Companies


Finland-based cybersecurity company F-Secure made a very interesting and striking claim about North Korea. The allegations that North Korea attacked many cryptocurrency exchanges and companies related to the cryptocurrency sector were reflected on the agenda. According to the F-Secure announcement, the new method of the hacking group named Lazarus in North Korea was LinkedIN.

It turns out that the attackers sent a fake job offer to the head of the software division of a cryptocurrency project, and in doing so, seized all the data about the company. It is emphasized that the members of the Lazarus group made this job offer through the popular job platform LinkedIN.

The Unbelievable Bitcoin Ransom Method From Lazarus

It is emphasized that the job offer sent to the victim includes a Microsoft Word file containing malicious software, and this is how access to the computer is provided. The victim, who unknowingly gained access to the attackers, caused Lazarus to take over the entire system of the cryptocurrency company because of this vulnerability. According to F-Secure’s statement, Lazarus Group first disabled the anti-virus program with this access and continued its attack without leaving any traces.

Although only one example of the attack has emerged, it is stated that the Lazarus group carried out it in 14 different countries and left many victims behind. North Korea denied all these allegations and stressed that it has no ties with the Lazarus group. Previously, the malware named WannCry was also linked to Lazarus and North Korea. It is known that in 2017, this software seized more than 300,000 computers and demanded a Bitcoin ransom.


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