Is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un dead?


Deputy director of HKSTV Hong Kong Television, broadcasting in China, claimed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has lost his life. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has previously been alleged to have coronavirus.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un allegedly died. “I think the news is not true,” said Reuters news agency, North Korean media has maintained its quietness regarding Kim’s health. We have good relations with North Korea, and I have a good relationship with Kim Jong-un. I hope Kim is good. ” According to CNN TV, the unnamed American officials said they were tracking intelligence on Kim.

Kim Jong-un did not attend the birthday celebrations of Kim Il-Sung, who died in 1994, his grandfather and founder of North Korea, on April 15. It was noteworthy that Kim did not participate in the celebrations for the first time on this national holiday, and North Korean state media has never spoken about Kim in his report on a missile trial last week. The North Korean media was always publishing Kim’s images in such experiments. Kim Jong-un last appeared publicly on April 11 and chaired the Labor Party politburo meeting.

On the other hand, experts under the Trump administration are less likely to replace his brother Kim Yo Jong if anything happens to him. North Korea, which had trembled the world with missiles launched in the past three years, fired the first missiles of 2020 against the morning on March 2.

North Korea had launched two missiles from the areas near the city of Wonsan, located on the east coast of the city. No official coronavirus cases have been disclosed in North Korea so far, but the remarkable detail in Kim’s recent photographs was the wearing of a mask.


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