North Korean Hackers Stole $400 Million Worth Of Crypto In 2021


North Korean hackers: Cybercriminal groups in North Korea stole nearly $400 million worth of cryptocurrencies during the year 2021 through malicious campaigns. The information was released by the blockchain data platform Chainalysis last Thursday (13).

The amount was obtained from at least seven cyber attacks that took place over the last 12 months, targeting cryptocurrency platforms. These campaigns were primarily targeted at investment firms and brokerages, according to the report.

Social engineering, phishing emails and malware were some of the techniques used by North Korean hackers to attack international organizations. After stealing Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, they diverted the funds to accounts controlled by the country’s government, the report pointed out.

According to experts, the North Korean authorities acted in a remarkable way in the process, being responsible for the laundering process to cover up the theft of cryptocurrencies. Because of these complex tactics and techniques, the researchers classified the country’s cybercriminals as “advanced persistent threats.”