North Korea Stole Almost 2 Billion Dollars of Crypto


North Korean hackers, who have made great profits in many different ways, have become a big problem for both the international financial world and the digital money industry. According to the latest report, cyber hackers in North Korea obtained a total of $ 2 billion in illegal funds.

According to the information published by Voice of America last week, North Korea’s; It is estimated that cryptocurrency exchanges have gathered nearly $ 2 billion in funds illegally by hacking international financial networks and ATMs. According to the statement made by the American broadcaster, hackers are stealing money by taking advantage of the naivety and incomplete system of the cryptocurrency sector that has just begun to sit down. Hackers, who also greatly benefit from the anonymity of the cryptocurrency world, use many different ways that make it difficult to track them.

Experts such as Jesse Spiro of the American blockchain analytics company Chainalysis argue that the main reasons government-sponsored hackers target the cryptocurrency community is that it is difficult to locate the attacker and provides high returns. According to the news published in the North Herald, the US Department of State announced that they have repeatedly warned North Korea about illegal activities and cyber fraud.

North Korean Hack Groups Defrauded in Many Different Ways

Government-sponsored hacking groups named Lazarus, Bluenoroff and Andariel in North Korea; He has emphasized billions of dollars to date. The US Treasury Department announced that the trio believed they stole $ 571 million in cryptocurrency by attacking 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia between 2017 and 2018. In addition, it is known that the biggest stress in the hacking activities of North Korea in the crypto money sector was an attack of 250 million dollars on a South Korean stock exchange in 2018.

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According to the information revealed in the past weeks; Lazarus, one of these groups, continued its illegal activities through the famous business and communication network LinkedIn. The group, which sent a job offer to the head of the software department of a crypto money company on LinkedIn, managed to infiltrate the company after the official opened the file. It is alleged that many victims were defrauded in 14 countries in this way. Hackers had used the Telegram application before, and even went much further and started fraudulent activities by opening fake sites and companies.


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