Normani claps back at a troll who says he has lost his “passion” for music: “Just shut the hell up”


Normani. Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock

Not having it. Normani didn’t like it when several so-called fans started discussing the state of her music career on social media.

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The recently deleted tweet that started the discussion read: “I have no idea where Normani’s motivation has gone (no pun intended), but I just don’t see the same passion in her as before. Before you start, it’s not depression, so don’t even come HERE!”

A second Twitter user retweeted the message, adding: “What happens when you feel comfortable and are no longer HUNGRY.”

After seeing these comments, the 26-year-old musician retweeted the message and added her view to the discussion: “Just shut up.” In a second tweet , the former Fifth Harmony member wrote: “Apart from real life, shit happens in my personal life.”

Normani’s fans have been looking forward to her debut solo album for several years. The Georgia native’s first solo single “Love Lies” with Khalid debuted in February 2018, a month before Fifth Harmony announced an indefinite hiatus.

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Since then, the Dancing With the Stars graduate has released several other tracks, including the 2019 hit “Motivation” and the 2021 “Wild Side” with Cardi B, but details about the full album remain unclear.

Earlier this year, the “Diamonds” singer anticipated a reporter’s question about the status of the project even before she was asked about it. “God, I already know,” she told Bustle in June. “Album status? Summer for sure. Tour? Incoming.”

While some fans may be losing patience, the MTV Video Music Award winner doesn’t want to release an album if she doesn’t feel it reflects her fully.

“I had to grow a lot,” she explained in the same interview. “I’ve had a lot of creative growth, which I don’t think people take seriously. They throw artists on stage completely unprepared. And for me, this mentality was very important. Now I was also very critical of myself. So I think it was a combination of things, but the wait is definitely worth it.”

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The “Waves” singer also openly talked about how Fifth Harmony had damaged her mental health, especially as the only black member of the group. “They tried to be by my side as best they could,” she told Billboard of her bandmates in January 2019. “But I don’t think they had the necessary tools because it’s not their experience. I can give them credit for trying to be there for me, but at the same time… the girls aren’t going through what I was going through.”

However, despite the delay, she assured fans that the album will be released soon. “I had to go through my process to understand, ‘OK, what does something mean to me? How do I want my sound to sound?” she told Bustle. “I’m very competitive with myself. …That’s why I always strive for the best quality.”


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