Norman Reedus has been considered a symbol


Considered a sex symbol, this is what Norman Reedus really thinks about it. Very recently, the editor of melty shared with you a snapshot of Norman Reedus completely transformed since his youth who did not fail to touch his many fans on the Web.

Today, the interpreter of Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead has indeed changed and has even become a real sex symbol, that is to say! Norman attracts attention everywhere he goes, and many women have a crush on him. Be aware, however, that the 52-year-old actor is not at all comfortable with this image which he returns in spite of himself as he confided in a previous interview for Men’s Journal.

When the reporter asks him what it feels like to be considered a sex symbol, here is Norman Reedus’ response, with the sum of his fortune: “I don’t know. The first time I saw my name printed , it was for the movie 8MM and it was a quote from director Joel Schumacher saying ‘You know Norman is not handsome. He looks really interesting, but he is not at all handsome. And I was like ‘Thanks, asshole’. So I’m that guy. I’m not the sexiest guy in People magazine. I’ll never be that guy. I don’t try to be like that and I don’t. not even want to be “. Statements that will surprise many.


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