Norman Reedus admitted he had hair in his friends’ house


Some people collect stamps, other people collect trading cards. When it comes to Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, he has a collection of hair from his fellow The Walking Dead cast members.

It turns out that in a recent interview several members of The Walking Dead teamed up to interact with fans, including Norman Reedus, Paola Lazaro, Angela Kang, and Scott M. Gimple. And the most curious thing about that talk came when the Daryl actor revealed the curious collection that his house has.

“Yeah, I still have Andy’s beard in a bag and Scott Wilson’s ponytail too.”

Since the interview had no interaction with The Walking Dead fans, there weren’t many opportunities to dwell on these revelations, but they certainly surprised fans.

Why the hell does Norman Reedus have Andrew Lincoln’s beard and Scott Wilson’s ponytail? And why are they in your freezer? Are they really in bags? Are they labeled? Do you ever take them out?

There’s no question that Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln enjoy a sibling friendship that goes beyond the show. It would be nice to see Daryl and Rick together again, but even if that doesn’t happen, it’s enough to know that the two men will always be close.

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