Nordeste is a leader in Renewable Energy


The Northeast, which boasts an outstanding history when it comes to renewable energy, has registered a growing need for labor in the sector, mobilizing the labor market especially in the solar and wind energy segments. With a view to building energy parks and boosting the residential installation business, the region ends up benefiting local workers, especially from Bahia, Ceará, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte.

Such states, not surprisingly, lead the production of these types of clean energies on a national scale, all thanks to the good use of the favorable geographical characteristics that they have – which includes abundant winds and lots of light. In fact, although the country is experiencing a moment of crisis, not only health, but also economic, the sector remains heated and with the possibility of expansion.

Forecasts for the Northeast in the sector

According to data from the Electric Energy Trading Chamber, the scenario is very promising, especially in Bahia, which generates 32% of all solar energy produced in Brazil and has held the position of leader in renewable energy generation for two years.

Next is Minas Gerais (21%), Piauí (15%), São Paulo (11%) and Ceará (8%). These four states alone together produce 55% of all national solar energy. Bahia also leads the wind segment, with 30%, followed by Rio Grande do Norte (28%).

Job creation in the midst of the crisis

According to the experienced electrical engineer, Tércio Santos, 31, the sector employs more technicians than workers with higher education. In this scenario, technicians with electrical and electrotechnical training with additional courses are the most demanded, but those with expertise in electromechanics, mechatronics and work safety also have their space.

Other sectors are highly requested in the sector: electrical, civil, environmental and security engineering, in addition to administration. The engineer considers that, depending on the size of the projects, the capacity for job vacancies is greater. On average, salaries vary between R $ 3,000 to R $ 5,000 for technical professionals, while engineers can earn up to R $ 10,000.


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