Nope Poster Edit Presents Get Out’s Connection to Jordan Peele’s New Film


The new fan edit of the poster of the film “No” is a link to another film by writer and director Jordan Peele, “Away.” Released in 2017, the film “Away” quickly made Peel one of the most interesting and promising horror directors working today. Peel’s debut film has been widely praised for its creative underpinning and deconstruction of systemic racism in America, and after 2019’s “We” he’s about to return to the horror genre again with his long-awaited film “No.” While much of Knope’s story remains shrouded in mystery, trailers hint that the film may include the arrival of aliens on Earth.

After Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya didn’t star in Us, he reunited with Peel again for Nope, playing O.J. Heywood, a rancher and Hollywood horse trainer. Trailers teased that Heywood and his sister, played by Keke Palmer, would encounter a host of anomalous events at their isolated California ranch, including the arrival of aliens in a flying saucer. In addition to Kaluuya and Palmer, Nope has an outstanding cast, including Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Steven Yun, Renn Schmidt, Keith David and Barbie Ferreira.

In the new fan edition of Rahal Nejraoui on Instagram, the latest poster of the film “No” suggests that the film may have a connection with “Away”. The poster depicts Chris from Get Out over OJ Knope, and the characters look up (and down) at each other. Although there has been no official confirmation of the connection between the two films, a newly edited poster suggests there may be something worthwhile in this idea.

Quentin Tarantino does not hide the fact that all his films take place in the same universe, which could potentially apply to Peel. Of course, “Away” and “We” have no noticeable connections, which may cast doubt on this theory, but on separate posters with the image of Kaluuya from “Away” and “No”, the actor looks up, an interesting similarity. However, it is also possible that this is just a coincidence.

It remains to be seen if there will be any connections between Chris Washington and O. J. Heywood or between “Away” and “No” in general, but the fan-edited poster speaks to a greater mystery surrounding the upcoming sci-fi horror Peel. As in the case of “Us”, the marketing of “No” has left much to the imagination, which means that fan theories can run wild about what the real movie will be about and what surprises can be prepared for the audience. Peel fans won’t have long to wait to find out, as Nope is due in theaters on July 22.