NonFungible Films Announces the creation of a new advisory board and members for the NFT brand


A growing enterprise. Non-Fungible Films continues its mission to capture the NFT space with the help of the star team.

NFF, which is an entertainment studio that originated from Web3, recently announced a new advisory board whose members, along with CEO and founder Cameron Moulin, will work on Web3 and the main media related to the company. Susan Levison, Lydia Antonini, Brandon Buchanan and Mike Shaiman will join the board of directors.

According to a press release, Non-Fungible Films is “poised to become a disruptive force in the media and entertainment space, as well as a thoughtful entry point for mainstream IP and Web3.” The new company “serves as a two-way bridge between traditional media and Web3, developing high-quality content for collections,” including film, television and gaming platforms.

Non-interchangeable tokens are defined as unique digital assets that are bought and sold online, often in the form of works of art with cryptocurrency. The possibility of virtual access to NFT allowed the sale of digital tokens to flourish and cause a stir on the Internet.

NFTs have also attracted interest because of their connection to cryptocurrency. According to the NFF, NFTs cannot exist without a digital or virtual currency. “Crypto differs from other non—digital currencies in that they are not supported by the federal government or a centralized banking institution,” the company explained in a statement. “What makes cryptocurrencies legitimate is how they use blockchain technology. Each transaction, whether it is a crypto coin or an NFT, is accompanied by a transaction record — an accounting book in which the time, price and people involved in this transaction are noted. These records cannot be changed unless authorized by approved colleagues.”

Celebrities from Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to Justin Bieber and Reese Witherspoon have openly declared their interest in the digital idea. Ashley Greene from Twilight recently talked about launching her own NFT project with her husband Paul Khoury and a team of women entrepreneurs.

“At first, I had a lot to puzzle over, but when I began to understand the security and accountability offered by the blockchain, as well as the possibilities of the Metaverse, I got hooked. It’s definitely a little alien to a lot of people, but at first the internet was the same.”

Green noted that it was “a little scary” to learn about the world of NFT before she met other people in the industry. “This space is full of wonderful people—both men and women—waiting with open arms,” she added at the time. “I would definitely encourage more women to try it. It is important for me to break down the barrier that many women face when trying to enter the world of NFT.”