Nomura details the 3 expected games!


This Wednesday (17), director Tetsuya Nomura revealed important new details about all upcoming releases based on the universe of Final Fantasy VII. In an interview with Famitsu, the executive gave information about the Final Fantasy VII Intergrade DLC and explained about Ever Crisis and First Soldier, upcoming titles for smartphones.

In the case of the additional episode that will arrive in Integrade, for the PlayStation 5, Nomura explained that only the character Yuffie will be playable. However, it will be possible to add the Sonon warrior to the battle by pressing L2. The extra episode will also have new summons and materials.

The Square Enix executive said that the company originally planned to produce only a version of FF VII Remake for the PS5 and not a DLC. Despite this, the development for the new console was smooth and new content for the game will only be thought after the “next big game” of the developer.

First Soldier

Regarding FF VII: First Soldier, the director argued that it is an attempt by Square to reach audiences that are not very close and have never played the fantasy franchise. He also advocated hoping that the opposite would also happen.

Nomura said that many people who like FF VII have never played Battle Royale at all and that this will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to experience the new style together.

He and the team want the title to offer a great experience for players with striking graphics for mobile phones.

Ever Crisis

Regarding Ever Crisis, which will recreate the story of the original Final Fantasy VII, Nomura pointed out that the chapters will arrive free for players. However, there will be a gacha system for equipment.

The game will have content that is not in the original story, and the storyline that was told in the PlayStation game should last about 10 chapters. To make fans even more excited, Nomura also said that Final Fantasy VII will have new announcements and disclosures by 2023.

What did you think of the new details? Did you increase your excitement to play the new productions based on FF VII? Tell us in the comments section below!


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