Nomadland: Oscar nominated film available on platform


Nomadland is coming strong to the Oscars with 6 nominations for the biggest prize of the seventh art. The feature competes in the categories Best Film, Direction (ChloƩ Zhao), Actress (Frances McDormand), Adapted Screenplay, Editing and Photography.

The film is scheduled to open in Brazilian theaters on April 15th. However, with the explosion of coronavirus cases in the country, it is very likely that the exhibition halls will be closed or the launch date will be postponed. On the Loveflix platform, you can find the full feature in HD and subtitled.

Nomadland’s History

After the 2008 economic crisis and the death of her husband, Fern decides to pack her things in a van and set out on the road on an exploratory trip. During her journey as a modern-day nomad, we accompany the widow by turning around with some nipples – including as an Amazon packer – and meeting other people who share the same principle.

With Oscar winner Frances McDormand as the protagonist, Nomadland has been acclaimed by audiences and expert critics.

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