Nomadland: How To Watch The Oscar-Winning Film and The Other Nominees Online


Nomadland: In one of the most atypical editions – not to say the most – that are remembered, caused of course by the pandemic crisis that we continue to experience, last night the 93rd Gala of the 2021 Oscar Awards was held. And if last year we saw the great surprise to see that Parasites of Bon Joon-ho was raised with the award – even more so considering that it is a South Korean film, filmed and spoken in South Korean – this we have had another just as pleasant.

How to watch the 2021 Oscar-winning movie online

And, unfortunately, in 93 years only 2 women have raised the golden statuette, an injustice that is being corrected, although at an extremely slow pace. Because ChloƩ Zhao, winner of the Oscar for best director for Nomadland -more than just winner also with the award for Frances McDormand, the absolute pillar of the film-, has won the award 7 years after the always excellent Kathryn Bigelow raised it. A gap of seven years of difference that we hope will be reduced in the following years.

On the other hand, although the pools were betting that Chadwick Boseman would win the Oscar posthumously – his death was so unexpected and has had as much echo as Heath Ledger’s in 2008 – it has been the veteran Anthony Hopkins, who has been proving his life for a while enormous actor that he is, the one who 30 years after his chilling and iconic Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs has once again won the best actor award for his heartbreaking performance in The Father

Now, as is often the case with grand prize-winning films, Nomadland’s popularity is going to double and it will be re-released in many theaters that quickly removed it. But we are in the age of video on demand services. And both the brand new winner of the Oscar 2021 for best film as well as the rest of the nominees and winners in other sections can be seen now or very soon without leaving home. We are going to compile those that are, those that are and those that will be. And we start, of course, with Nomadland:

See online Nomadland

– On Disney + (will arrive this week, Friday 30)

Ver online Judas and the black messiah

– On Amazon (available to rent)

See online Sound of Metal

– On Amazon (within your normal catalog)

See online What the octopus taught me

– On Netflix

See online Soul

– At Disney + (within its normal catalog)

See online The mother of blues

– On Netflix

See online Mank

– On Netflix

See online Tenet

– In Movistar +

– In Google Play Movies (Rent and Buy)

– iTunes (Buy)

– Rakuten (Buy)

– Microsoft (Buy)

See online Two Complete Strangers

– On Netflix

See online If something happens to me, I love you

– On Netflix

See online Colette

– In Youtube


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