Nomadland: How To Watch The Oscar-Winning Film and The Other Nominees Online


Nomadland: In one of the most atypical editions – not to say the most – that are remembered, caused of course by the pandemic crisis that we continue to experience, last night the 93rd Gala of the 2021 Oscar Awards was held. And if last year we saw the great Surprise to see that Bon Joon-ho Parasites won the award – even more so considering that it is a South Korean film, filmed and spoken in South Korean – we have had another one just as pleasant.

How to watch the 2021 Oscar-winning movie online

And, unfortunately, in 93 years only 2 women have raised the golden statuette, an injustice that is being corrected, although at an extremely slow pace. Because Chloé Zhao, winner of the Oscar for best direction for Nomadland -more than just a winner also with the award for Frances McDormand, the absolute pillar of the film-, has won the award 7 years after the always excellent Kathryn Bigelow raised it. A seven-year gap that we hope will narrow in the following years.

On the other hand, although the pools were betting that Chadwick Boseman would win the Oscar posthumously – his death was so unexpected and has had as much echo as Heath Ledger’s in 2008 -, it has been the veteran Anthony Hopkins, who has been proving his life for a long time. enormous actor that he is, the one who 30 years after his chilling and iconic Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs has once again won the best actor award for his heartbreaking performance in The Father

Now, as often happens with grand prize winning films, Nomadland’s popularity is going to double and it will be re-released in many theaters that quickly removed it. But we are in the age of video on demand services. And both the brand new winner of the Oscar 2021 for the best film as well as the rest of the nominees and winners in other sections can be seen now or very soon without leaving home.

We are going to compile those that are, those that are and those that will be. If you see a title that is not there, such as El Padre, it is that at the moment it can only be seen in theaters and not yet in a VOD service. We start, of course, with Nomadland:

See online Nomadland

A woman in her 60s and lost everything in the 2007-2009 crisis embarks on a journey through the American West living like a modern nomad, splicing low-paid jobs and living life experiences. Frances McDormand gives an Oscar-winning acting chair while Chloé Zhao’s camera accompanies her as a silent witness to this overly contemporary road movie.

– On Disney + (will arrive this week, Friday 30)

See online Judas and the black messiah

Almost 30 years after the stupendous Panthers comes another look at the historic Black Panther movement in racist and psychotic America in the late 1960s. Hunted by the FBI, the considered traitor William O’Neal is offered to infiltrate one of the branches of the Black Panther party – which the Cold War-obsessed US government viewed as a dangerous move. Winner of two Oscars, for best supporting actor and best song.

– On Amazon (available to rent)

See online Sound of Metal

A young bass player in a Heavy Metal group realizes that he is going deaf, a fact that ruins a life in the world of music that he was beginning. One of the surprises in terms of nominations, who sees Sound of Metal realizes its tremendous value, and although this powerful drama of fall and acceptance has only won two Oscars, they have been the best Sound and best Editing with all of the Law, because its masterfulness is to use sound as a narrative weapon -together with the brutal performance of Riz Ahmed- to get us inside the main character.

– On Amazon (within your normal catalog)

See online What the octopus taught me

Can a man and an octopus be friends? From this unusual premise is born What the Octopus taught me, which narrates the strange friendship that a filmmaker establishes with an octopus that lives in a kelp forest on the South African coast. The animal teaches man the secrets of his world, and this entire Oscar-winning documentary film is touched by the grace of a beautiful photograph and the quasi-dreamlike touch of the underwater world. In addition to showing what is one of the axioms of this world: that Humanity must learn from its environment, instead of trying to subdue it.

– On Netflix

See online Soul

Regular at the Oscar for best animated film, Pixar has done it again, and they are already … His latest feature film, Soul, is a story of what makes us be ourselves. One of the most adult and profound stories that the studio has told, and a direct journey to the soul that Pete Docter co-directs, who is one of the maximum values ​​of Pixar -Monstruos S.A., Up, Del Revés. In addition to a beautiful love letter to New York and Blues music, which has also won her the Oscar for best Soundtrack.

– At Disney + (within its normal catalog)

See online The mother of blues

A clash of geniuses and a war of egos is what the film narrates with the Oscar for best makeup and hairstyling and best costume design, setting the action in a recording studio of a Chicago record company in 1927. Ma Rainey, the Queen of Blues, is recording in the studio when tensions are triggered between her, her manager and the record’s producer. All pools gave Chadwick Boseman -Black Panther- as the winner as a posthumous award after his unexpected death, but in the end it was veteran Sir Anthony Hopkins who took him.

– On Netflix

See online Mank

If there’s one thing Hollywood loves, it’s historical re-enactments. And the Mank of the always great David Fincher dares to get inside one of the incunabula: Citizen Kane. Fincher and a gigantic (as always) Gary Oldman recreate Herman Mankiewicz, the scriptwriter of Citizen Kane, on the set of this one. The recreation of the golden age of Hollywood is dazzling, the Black and White of the perfect film – for something it has won the Oscar for best photography – and Fincher can not be given a single

– On Netflix

See online Tenet

As adored on the one hand as hated on the other, Christopher Nolan is one of those directors who directly have the rank of ‘Auteur’, because when you see something of his you know that he directed it. Tenet is his latest proposal, an attempt from outside to return to the formula of Origin, but loading more inks in the metaphysical part. And it is that Nolan is not interested so much that we understand the whole plot as that we let ourselves be carried away by it to simply feel more than understand the film. It is better to be dazzled by his technical craftsmanship – winner of the Oscar for best visual effects – than to try to understand the cryptic script of Pe a Pa.

– In Movistar +

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– Rakuten (Buy)

– Microsoft (Buy)

See online Colette

Considered the first Oscar for the video game industry, Colette is a short documentary about CColette Marin-Catherine, 90 years old and one of the last survivors of the French Resistance in World War II. The superb 24-minute short, produced by Oculus Studios and EA’s Respawn studio, debuted first in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the first FPS in the veteran VR headset saga, in an unlockable gallery alongside to other testimonies of WWII veterans – and let us remember that precisely MoH Underground, the sequel to the original that came out for PSOne more than 20 years ago, changed its protagonist from soldier Patterson of the USA to a woman of the French resistance, Manon Batiste – based on Hélène Deschamps Adams.

– In Youtube

See online Two Complete Strangers

– On Netflix

See online If something happens to me, I love you

– On Netflix


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