Nokia to Use 5G Technology to Build Railroads


One of the most popular topics of recent times, 5G technology is not only developed for phones. 5G; It is being used in areas such as health sector and mining. Aware of this, Nokia is building the railway that was created with the world’s first 5G technology.

The development of 5G is now very fast and this technology is gradually moving to different sectors. With the introduction of 5G technology beyond smartphones, new business areas were born. Scientists, 5G technology outside the phone in transportation, healthcare, mining, etc. says it should be used in areas.

Nokia recently announced that it has partnered with the company Deutsche Bahn in Hamburg, Germany. Both companies will be responsible for developing the world’s first independent 5G system for automated rail operations. Nokia made the following statements at its press conference:

“The Hamburg Digital Light Rail System project is an important issue for the German Federal Railways. We are preparing to make one of 5G’s earliest applications for digital rail operations. However, the implementation of 5G in rail transport is a new one for Nokia. not an idea. We’ve been thinking about this idea for a while. ”

The “Hamburg Digital Light Rail System” project is planned to be completed in 2021. Fully automatic train rides will be carried out on the 21 km Light Rail System line. Recent work will be related to the transmission of train control information and unmanned management of empty trains over Nokia’s 5G network. Digital trains will share data about the control center over Nokia’s 5G network.

What is 5G technology?
We explained the 5G technology in detail in our previous article. In short, 5G technology will be a much faster and stable version of 4G LTE. With a normal 4G connection, 100 Mbps can be mobile, and 1 Gbps can be accelerated to Wi-Fi. This rate will increase up to 10Gbps on mobile and 5Gbps on Wi-Fi.


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