Nokia, Qualcomm and UScellular Set Record for 5G Wireless Signal

Nokia: Qualcomm announced on its website on Tuesday (08) the breaking of a world record: the reach of 5G mobile internet signal. The brand was achieved in the US, in a project developed in conjunction with Nokia and UScellular. In the evaluation made, the signal reached more than 10 km of distance through the 5G technology of millimeter wave of extended range (mmWave), in a commercial network.

The field tests were carried out using Nokia AirScale Baseband radios and the 28 GHz mmWave band (n261) in a commercial network of the UScellular operator in the city of Grand Island, Nebraska. During the measurements, different locations and scenarios were tested, recording distances, throughput and latency.

During the evaluation, in addition to achieving a range of approximately 10 km, the companies managed to achieve an average speed of 1 Gbps in download and approximately 57 Mbps in upload. Even at a distance of more than 11 km from the antenna, a download speed of 750 Mbps was achieved.

Outlook for the Nokia / Qualcomm / UScellular partnership

According to Qualcomm, the result obtained paves the way for the expansion of Nokia’s extended range 5G service, to areas of difficult access, both rural and suburban and urban. The use of Qualcomm Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Platform gen 1 technology allows mobile operators such as UScellular to bridge the connectivity gap between these communities underserved by the internet.

Fixed wireless access (FWA) has proven to be a promising solution for delivering fast broadband speeds and low latency cost-effectively in remote locations. UScellular VP Mike Irizarry underscored the importance of providing a fast, reliable wireless service that keeps users connected, “regardless of where they live or work.”



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