Nokia Launches Wi-Fi 6 Router Supporting EasyMesh Standard


Nokia introduced its new router Beacon 6, which supports the Wi-Fi certified Easy Mesh standard. The new Wi-Fi 6 router will enable home users to set up powerful Wi-Fi networks that offer a 5G experience.

Nokia announces its new home Wi-Fi router called Beacon 6. Beacon 6 includes OFDMA (Orthogonal frequency division multiple access) modulation schemes, Wi-Fi certified EasyMesh, low latency and many more key technologies.

Using OFDMA, Beacon 6, similar to 5G technology, increases the overall speed and performance of the internet connection and reduces delays. Also, thanks to the Wi-Fi certified EasyMesh standard, certified EasyMesh products can be connected to the router to offer features such as uninterrupted channel selection and advanced anti-interference.

Nokia Bell Labs used the PI2 algorithm, which reduces latency even in congested environments making it difficult to use in Beacon 6. Take advantage of the power of Wi-Fi 6, according to the company, Beacon 6 will help users build a significantly faster and stronger Wi-Fi network.

Beacon 6 will play a key role in helping operators significantly improve their home wireless network and deliver a true 5G experience on networks for the first time. Although Nokia does not provide information about the price of the router, it says it will be available this year.

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