Nokia introduces its new push button phones!


We can now easily say that push-button phones do not appeal to those looking for innovation. While the smartphone market has become a giant market, key phones are still in demand, albeit small. Responding to this small demand, Nokia announced a 4G-supported two-button phone model. Introducing; Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G.

Nokia announces new push-button phones

In the past, Nokia refused to switch to Android, lagging behind the smartphone trend. Although the company currently produces smartphones, it also continues to produce key phones. Even though the demands for touch-tone phones have decreased considerably, support continues for these phones, especially for our family elders to be able to both access the internet and handle calling and messaging.

nokia 215 4g ve nokia 225 4g

The announced Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G models respond to this demand. The two models do not have huge differences. We can say that the only difference is a camera in a model. Let’s take a look at the technical details of the two devices:

  • 2.4 inch 320 × 240 resolution LCD screen
  • Feature operating system
  • Processor at 1GHz
  • 64MB RAM, 128MB internal storage (support up to 32GB memory card)
  • Mobile internet connection up to 10Mbps (4G and 2G supported)
  • 91 grams weight
  • VGA rear camera (Nokia 225 only)
  • Micro-USB and Bluetooth support
  • 1200 mAh removable battery

The Nokia 215 4G comes in turquoise and black color options. The price of the phone is set at $ 43. The Nokia 215 4G, which we can describe as a top model, comes in blue, black and gold color options. Both models will go on sale in China on October 17th. It is not clear in which countries it will go on sale afterwards.


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