Nokia Data Marketplace Is Established! Blockchain Based Marketplace


Nokia Data Marketplace is established. Nokia announced that it has established a blockchain-based marketplace where corporate companies can trade over data and artificial intelligence models. The Finland-based company announced the name of the marketplace as Nokia Data Marketplace in its announcement Wednesday.

Nokia Data Marketplace can be used by companies that act with the digital transformation principle and build their revenue model on top of it.

Inter-institutional data trade will be provided

Enterprise companies and communications service providers will be able to access large-scale datasets in real time through the Nokia Data Marketplace.

Within the Nokia Data Marketplace, data trade will be made and authorization mechanisms for the use of this data will be established.

Emphasis on safety in the marketplace

About this blockchain technology-based marketplace, Friedrich Trawoeger, vice president of Nokia Cloud and Cognitive Services, said:

“Our customers want secure access to the data they need to make effective business decisions. These companies can use the models in the Nokia Data Marketplace to go above the digital endeavors and create new sources of revenue. ”

The data available on the Nokia Data Marketplace can be used for different purposes such as charging electric vehicles, commercializing environmental data, and automating the supply chain.

These are expected to benefit in areas such as transportation, port management, energy, smart cities and health.


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