Nokia closed with Center for Excellence in Cybersecurity


Nokia today announced in an official statement that it has partnered with the National Center for Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCCoE), where the company will be responsible for delivering new technologies focused on 5G, allowing for an improvement in virtual security within the USA.

In addition to the security agency, the company will also have help from other suppliers, making it possible to supply the government and the industry with solutions focused on the new type of connectivity technology, which is on the rise in the North American country. .

It is not new that Nokia has been one of the most successful companies in terms of the transition to 5G networks, managing to deliver high quality hardware and software for the mobile network, making it a reference in the sector .

“Previous generations of cellular technology have been led by the industry, while 5G development must evolve in collaboration with governments to ensure the availability and access of secure and reliable networks. The 5G Cybersecurity Project fulfills this role with a cross section of government and industry employees on board. At Nokia, we incorporate security into all the solutions we ship and are committed to enabling secure switching to the cloud, working with government agencies and the industry to promote cyber security for 5G use cases that leverage open and commercial components, ”said Raghav Sahgal, president of cloud and network services at Nokia.
In practice, this project aims to further increase the security features that will make use of 5G, allowing an improvement in the cyber protection required by the agency, as well as the equipment that will be distributed to the end user.


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