Nokia Announces the Launch of New Smart TVs


Finland-based technology manufacturer Nokia recently announced the launch date of its new smart TVs, which are displayed on the BIS certification list. According to the shared teaser image, the new models will be introduced on Tuesday, October 6th.

Unable to find what it has been looking for in the mobile industry lately, Nokia continues to operate in other sectors as well. In this context, Finland-based technology manufacturer, which entered the smart television industry and announced several different models during the year, announced the date when its new televisions will be introduced. Finally, smart TVs that appear on the BIS certification list will be introduced on Tuesday, October 6, according to the company statement.

Nokia has recently come up with three different smart TVs, 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches. The newly introduced Nokia Smart TV models are expected to have 32-inch and 50-inch screens. According to current information, the 32-inch Nokia Smart TV will have FHD resolution and will not tire the mobile at the price point. The source of the allegations also states that the price of the 32-inch model will be around $ 300 (TL 2,330).

What will Nokia’s new smart televisions offer?

If we switch to the 50-inch Nokia Smart TV, it is said that this model will take its place on the shelves for about $ 505 (3,925 TL). It is also reported that the TV will have a built-in JBL speaker system to support DTS, Dolby Vision and other functions, it will use the Android operating system and will support the voice command interface of the Google Assistant.

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The 43-inch 4K LED smart TV, which the company launched in the past months, came out of the box with the Android 9 operating system. Powered by a CA53 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.0 GHz, the model offered users Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and MEMC technology as well as built-in 2.25 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The ultra-thin frames of the device were among the most striking design details.

At the design point, it is estimated that these new TVs will continue a similar style with other models. At this point, we can see a near-zero bezel on the top and sides, and a thicker bezel at the bottom due to the use of JBL supported speakers.


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