Nokia Announces Date to Introduce New Smartphone


HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia smartphones, will introduce a new phone early next month. A sharing on Twitter by Nokia Mobile showed that a new Nokia phone will be introduced on December 5, 2019.

Once the most popular phone manufacturer, but then can not keep pace with the developing technology, Nokia has been operating under HMD Global for a long time. HMD Global, which produces and launches the company’s smart phones; Although Samsung, Huawei and Apple want to be a rival for today’s giants, they are not very successful.

HMD Global has started to share information for its new smartphone. Nokia Mobile’s Twitter address shared a video and left a date on it. In the shared post, it was revealed that HMD Global will introduce a new Nokia model smartphone on December 5, 2019. Apart from this, no information was shared, so we do not know the model of the smartphone that will be introduced on December 5, but some dates are being executed.

The phone to be introduced can be Nokia 8.2

Even if the HMD Global or Nokia Mobile Twitter page did not share any information about the model to be introduced, some estimates are being made. Some of these estimates, the Nokia 8.2 will be introduced phone. HMD Global introduced its predecessor, the Nokia 8.1, on December 5 last year. Therefore, the phone will be the successor of the Nokia 8.2’in the year after the same day is thought to be introduced.

The list of devices that HMD Global is expected to introduce is not the only Nokia 8.2. Some sources believe that the smartphone to be introduced is the Nokia 5.2 model, while others believe it may be Nokia 2.3. The fact that HMD Global is working on many Nokia models explains why there are so many models on this list. Do you think Nokia can keep up with technology and regain its popularity? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us in comments.


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