Nokia and MediaTek break records in mobile network speed


Nokia, which has been collaborating with MediaTek for the next generation telecommunication infrastructure works for a while, broke a mobile speed record.


Nokia, one of the legendary phone manufacturers of a period, continues its existence as a telecommunication company. Accelerating its activities in this field, the company has focused especially on 5G and 6G infrastructure works. According to the information received, these efforts are paying off.

The company, which has been lagging behind its Chinese competitors for a long time, is growing with its telecommunication investments. Working with MediaTek on Carrier Aggregation, which offers mobile data speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps for a while, the company has broken new ground. Here are the details…

Nokia and MediaTek reach speeds of 3.2 Gbps

Nokia and MediaTek announced today that they have successfully combined 5G (5G SA) spectrum using 3 Component Carriers (3CC), a first in the world. Thus, the two companies achieved 3.2Gbps speeds over the mobile network without using any wired solutions.

These speeds, which are quite impressive, are currently not available to individual customers. However, it is expected that the developing technology over time will make this possible and eliminate the physical cables. These infrastructures are a burden on companies, especially in the long term, with maintenance costs.

So what do you think about this subject? Do you think Nokia’s telecommunications activities will return the company to its former glory? You can share your views with us in the comments section.


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