Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G phones on the way


HMD Global is working on reviving old Nokia mobile phones while releasing new Android phones. Over the last few years we have seen modern versions of various iconic Nokia phones, including the Nokia 8110 and 3310. They will now be joined by two models, the Nokia 6300 and the modern versions of the Nokia 8800. These models will also support 4G networks.

In fact, the Nokia 6300 was not a memorable Nokia phone. The 2020 model version has 4G support. We see different color options such as Cyan, Charcoal Black and White of this phone with a plastic body.

Nokiapoweruser site also talks about the future of the Nokia 8000 4G model. Interestingly, however, there was no Nokia 8000 model in the past. The site says that this new mobile phone is based on the Nokia 8800 and will be a more modern looking device. The Nokia 8000 4G model, which looks like a higher class and valuable mobile phone compared to the others, has a stainless steel body and a screen against scratches. There is also a T9 keyboard that emerges from under the screen with its slide mechanism.

The two phones have the same technical features in many respects, even if their designs are different. We see features such as unnamed single core processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory. These components won’t even run Android Go, but HMD Global has already chosen to use KaiOS as well.

There is no information about when these phones will be introduced and available for sale. However, HMD is expected to hold an event this month. Nokia 7.3 5G and Nokia 9.3 PureView models can also be introduced along with the Nokia phones that are the subject of the news at this event.

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