Noise Canceling Feature for Google Meet, Mobile Versions


Google has brought noise canceling feature to the Android and iOS version of the Meet service. The feature, which has cloud-based artificial intelligence support, tries to filter everything other than user voice. In addition, the meeting hosts will be able to receive attendance reports of the participants from now on.

US-based tech giant Google continues to develop the increasingly popular service Meet. The last feature added to the service, which allows users to come together and hold meetings, was “noise canceling”. The feature added to both Android and iOS platforms makes user conversations smoother. Moreover, the new feature of Google Meet provides a better experience with artificial intelligence support.

According to Google’s statements, cloud-based artificial intelligence tries to filter everything except user voice. Moreover, these include keyboard keys, the sound of doors opening and closing, and even construction noise. In this way, users do not bother other participants, regardless of the circumstances.

According to Google’s explanations, Meet users should click on the “Other” menu in the application to use the noise canceling feature. The user who activates the “Noise Canceling” option under the “Settings” menu here, starts to experience the new feature of Meet. Google states that the new feature comes off by default. In the meantime, let us state that the distribution of the noise canceling feature has started as of today and all users will have this feature in a few days.

The only new feature Google developers are preparing for Meet is not noise canceling. The new feature prepared by the developers seems to affect the educators who perform their distance education processes through Google Meet. Because, thanks to this new feature, meeting hosts can receive a participant report after all meetings of 5 to 250 people are over. If we explain this much more simply; teachers will now be able to take attendance by Google Meet.

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This is how Google Meet’s attendee report feature looks

It should be noted that the participant report feature of Google Meet is quite detailed. Because when the meeting host opens the report, in addition to the details such as name, surname and e-mail address, users can also view the entrance and exit times of this meeting. Like the noise canceling feature, the participant report feature has started to be distributed as of today. The team says that after a while, all users will be able to take advantage of this feature.


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