Noel Gallagher Weighs in on The “Non-Remembering Babies” Debate: “They should be good at what they do”


Noel Gallagher has expressed his opinion on the ongoing debate about the “babies of the non-popes”.

Last November, Gallagher’s 22-year-old daughter Anais, who works as a photographer and previously worked as a model, said: “I would be deaf and irresponsible if I didn’t recognize how privileged my life has been and how much help my upbringing has given me.”

Anais, whose mother is Meg Matthews, said she is “extremely grateful” for the opportunities she has been given thanks to her famous parents.

“But I really think you need to hire people who are incredibly worthy,” she explained, “and they may not have the experience when they have all the contacts.”

During an interview with Dave Berry from Absolute Radio this morning (January 17) Noel shared his thoughts on the scandal and said, “It depends on how you look at it.”

“My daughter follows me with a camera, takes pictures of me and all that,” he told Berry. “She made a film about the making of [the upcoming High Flying Birds album] [‘Council Skies’].

“I think you want things to be close to home, but they have to be good at what they do. She’s good at what she does. She’s not just surprised by pointing at the camera and saying, ‘Mmm, that’s my dad,’ she’s gorgeous.”

Noel continued: “It’s not the worst thing in the world if you make your kids work for you, they’re cheap, you know what I mean?…My guys are too busy scratching their balls and scouring TikTok in search of nonsense to worry about it. , “Dad, can I be your bass player” or something like that.”

Other figures in the entertainment industry who have expressed their opinion about the discourse of “children who do not remember” are Lily Allen, Zoe Kravitz, Bono’s daughter Eva Hewson, son Diddy King Combs and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The discussion once again attracted attention after a Vulture article titled “Children of Hollywood Nepotism” was published last month.

In turn, people began to think about how many famous people in the entertainment world have famous parents, and whether this gives them an unfair advantage in the industry.

Today, Noel Gallagher released the new single “Easy Now” from his fourth High Flying Birds album “Council Skies”, which is coming out this summer.

Last week, the musician teased the record by posting a studio video shot by Anais Gallagher.


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