Nocioni told a great anecdote with Kobe Bryant


He gave an interview.The death of Kobe Bryant struck fans, basketball players and other disciplines alike. The worldwide fame of former Los Angeles star Lakers gained its raison d’etre.

Many colleagues and colleagues expressed their heavy regret for the death of the legend , and Andrés Nocioni was no exception in this case.

The Santa Fe spoke with W Radio and echoed the death of the player who left the entire population of the world silent and distressed.

“The truth is that I am very sad. It is one of those news that he never expects and is a very hard blow to world basketball. He transcended the field of play and was a great ambassador for the NBA, ” Nocioni said.

In addition, the former Real Madrid forward said: “She was a very positive superstar on and off the court. A great example of being present in the community and with people.”

The former Philadelphia Sixers player recalled an anecdote with Black Mamba and said: “In Beijing it happened to me at two in the morning. I was taking some math in the Olympic Village and suddenly a person covered my eyes and asked me in Spanish: Who was he? And I realized that it was Kobe Bryant . ”

Kobe and Nocioni clashed frequently in the NBA when Chapu wore the Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia Sixers shirts.

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