Nobreak or Stabilizer for PC: which one to choose?

A very common question among consumers who are concerned with protecting their equipment in the office, home or industry is the difference between a UPS and a stabilizer for PC and other devices. The confusion exists because these devices have similar functions: to protect equipment connected to the power grid.

However, a computer UPS has important advantages compared to a refrigerator stabilizer, for example. However, each of them has useful functions that can help those who are concerned about the health of their equipment.

What is a stabilizer?

This device is responsible for stabilizing the incoming electrical voltage, which is delivered by the power utility. Upon receiving this load, the stabilizer delivers an output that will always remain at the same voltage, preventing possible damage to the equipment that is connected to it.

In certain locations, it is normal for the electrical network to suffer from overload surges, resulting in variations in the input voltage. Upon receiving this higher than normal load, many sensitive components (mainly from devices such as computers and refrigerators) can end up damaging.

That is why it is very common to find people who use a stabilizer for PC and a stabilizer for refrigerator, ensuring the protection of these two devices.

It is worth mentioning that this device also has the basic function of multiplying the output of sockets, being able to stabilize the voltage for all of them.

What is a UPS?

Although it is very common to find a computer UPS, this equipment can be used in conjunction with many other devices. We can understand the UPS as a “battery stabilizer”, since its main function is to supply power in the event of a sudden drop in the light service, preventing the connected device from turning off unexpectedly.

As well as a stabilizer, the UPS is also able to stabilize the input voltage in the devices, offering protection against power surges. However, the difference is exactly the UPS battery, which can be useful for several applications.

In addition to being suitable for equipment that cannot shut down unexpectedly, UPS is a good option for devices that need to preserve essential data. This is the case with servers, computers and CCTV equipment.

It is important to note that there are two types of nobreaks: online and offline. The online model switches to battery usage at the time the power is cut. Offline takes a fraction of a second to activate the battery. In general, the first type is more suitable for sensitive equipment that cannot be turned off in case of power loss, while the offline model is indicated for less sensitive equipment, such as notebooks and refrigerators.

Stabilizer or Nobreak: which one to choose?

It is important to understand that the UPS and the stabilizer, although they are similar, fulfill different roles. If you don’t need your equipment to remain connected to electrical power 100% of the time, but still want to protect it from power surges, the PC stabilizer is the best choice for you.

Now, if there is a need to keep the devices on, UPS is the ideal option. In this case, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the capacity of the UPS battery to know which model to choose, as there are versions of greater capacity than others.

We have separated some suggestions from Stabilizers and Nobreaks. Check out.

Home Stabilizer, 1000 Bivolt, TS Shara

This stabilizer is ideal for protecting and extending the life of devices. It has 6 outputs and a diagnostic technology that makes an analysis of the electrical network before releasing it to the connected devices.

The model is bivolt and quite compact, and can also be used as a stabilizer for the refrigerator and other appliances.



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