Noam : Trump is a bigger threat to humanity than Hitler


American linguist, thinker, historian, critic, and political activist Noam Chomsky evaluated the US elections.

Noam Chomsky, a 91-year-old prominent thinker who has accomplished many important works, notably Manufacturing of Consent, talks about the urgency of the Climate Crisis and the ways of transitioning to a fossil fuel-free economy called the global new green deal, and his new book ‘Climate Crisis’ co-authored with economist Robert Pollin and the Global Green New Deal ‘, answered questions from The Independent on’ The Climate Crisis and the New Global Green Deal.

Stating that the danger posed by the warming of his planet is unique, Chomsky says that the Republican Party did not take action against the climate crisis and identified several examples of this indifference during Trump’s presidency.

He pointed out that Trump shelved the “2015 Paris Agreement” and this political orientation would bring the end of the planet. Chomsky also established a similarity between Trump and Adolf Hitler. “Definitely the worst name I can think of in history, Adolf Hitler was pretty scary (but he was not trying to destroy the organized community of people on earth,” Chomsky explained.


Chomsky said the fact that the Nazi Holocaust murdered at least 6 million Jews and killed “30 million Slavs” “but it could not destroy human civilization.” Saying that the 73-year-old Trump is a bigger threat than Hitler, Chomsky said, “This is an extremely shocking statement. And every time I say this, I’m going to start by saying something shocking now, but I say please ask yourself if this is true, ”he said.

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For the “Wannsee Conference” held in a suburb of Berlin in January 1942, in which the Nazis formulated the plan to exterminate the Jewish people under the name of “the final solution”, the Republicans’ National Highways Security Administration assessed in 2018 that the global temperature would rise by 4 percent by the end of the century. Stating that the conference, in which he concluded that there is no need for a new restriction on vehicle emissions, should be evaluated in parallel, Chomsky said, “We are heading towards disaster, conservatives, let’s go faster because this will mean more profit for my voters, for the researchers who fund me.”


Some people reacted to Chomsky’s comparison of Trump with Hitler. “Look, I think climate change is a huge problem,” says Deborah Lipstadt, Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University in Atlanta. Possible disaster for many parts of the world. We see this over and over again. This is not a theory. This is not an unproven fact. “None of the serious scientists I know denies this.”

“Could Chomsky be saying shocking things again, probably just to get attention?” Lipstadt said. he added.


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