Noah will become Atom Smasher in the Dc universe


Noah Centineo will make his debut in the DC universe with the film “Black Adam” alongside The Rock. Gone are the teenage romance stories such as “To all the boys I fell in love with”, “The perfect date”, Sierra Burguess is a loser, among others, Netflix projects that boosted his acting career, but now it will take a turn complete, not just plot, but movie genre and he’s raving about it.


This weekend the DC FanDome was held, a convention where fans have seen all the advancements, upcoming releases and projects of the studio, inspired by the most popular characters in their comics and one of them is “Black Adam”, the enemy of Shazam and Noah Centineo is ready to play one of the characters.

The actor revealed the news through his Instagram account, where he published a teaser for the convention in which he spoke about the role within the story. This will be a great challenge for Noah, as he will have to leave behind the shadow of romantic comedies, the Netflix star will give life to “Atom Smasher”.


This DC superhero is a boy named “Al Rothstein” who has the abilities to increase his size, strength, speed, among others, he is a partner of “Black Adam”, Shazam’s greatest enemy, who will be played by “The Rock ”. During the movie panel, Noah Centineo assured that he has a lot to prove.

Although the character is related to villains, the actor is excited by the transformation he undergoes in the story and the path he goes through to being a superhero, he also promised to do his best, including being in shape for “Atom Smasher”.

“Black Adam” and “Al” will become great friends, the plot of the film could address the fight for justice by the supervillain, with the help of Noah Centineo. Regarding its premiere, there is still no set date, but it will be a great opportunity for the actor to become known in another area of ​​cinema, since DC is betting everything to continue expanding its universe in 2021.


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