Noah Sentineo’s “Rookie” Dropped on Netflix, And Fans Have a Lot of Thoughts


As the year draws to a close, Netflix is still abandoning major pieces of content. Just last week, the service released a new title, The Recruit, a spy drama series starring Noah Sentineo. The show has received mostly positive reviews from critics, and audience ratings on some aggregator sites are also growing. Last weekend, the program even managed to get into the top 10 list of streamers. Of course, Twitter can serve as a major indicator of viewer engagement, and it’s not surprising that fans use this platform to share their honest thoughts about the freshman series.

If the company hasn’t already done so, Netflix will probably be pleased to know that a significant number of Twitter posts directed at The Recruit are distorted in a positive way. This should be a relief for those involved in the production, because when something doesn’t resonate with the audience, they don’t hesitate to share negative feelings. But look at the positive emotions shared by one user:


The show, created by “Castle” and “Newcomer” producer Alexi Hawley, centers on Owen Hendrix (Noah Centineo), a newly appointed CIA lawyer. The professional life of a well-meaning young man is rapidly gaining momentum after his paths cross with an agent who wants to be released from service in the agency. Subsequently, he finds himself embroiled in a wild adventure that requires him to make a difficult choice. As far as you can see, not many people have serious problems with the general premise. However, one user asked a question about the pilot:

It’s a fair question, but the narrative decision doesn’t seem to have alienated too many. And what doesn’t seem to be in doubt at the moment is Noah Sentineo’s performance. The actor had a relationship with Netflix for several years when he starred alongside Lana Condor in the All Boys trilogy. These films brought Sentineo such fame that one day fans tracked his flight and followed him home. The reaction of one fan on Twitter preferred to admire the star from a distance:

The 26-year-old actor is certainly one of the first. Just a few months ago, he starred as the Atom Smasher in the DC movie “Black Adam” and is going to appear in Jackie Chan’s “Diary”. Many are clearly here because of his rise in Hollywood and his work on a new show, as you can see in the following post:

If there’s any general criticism that some commentators have about “Recruit,” it’s the season finale. We won’t discuss spoilers here, but, as you understand, the series presents viewers with a few last-minute surprises. As a result, some apparently had to gather their thoughts, for example, this user:


It is not yet known whether Netflix will extend the show. High critical performance and, apparently, stable viewership suggest that the future is bright. But then again, it’s hard to say what this streaming platform has up its sleeve with a lot of cancellations. I believe, in the meantime, both the fans and the creators of the program will simply enjoy the positivity surrounding this first season.

You can stream The Recruit by subscribing to Netflix and check out the CinemaBlend TV program for 2023 to find out about the shows that will be released next year.


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