Noah Schnapp from “Very Strange Cases” got into another mess on social networks, and a bachelor graduate is involved in it


Noah Schnapp found himself in a rather unexpected feud back in July, when rapper Doja Cat accused him of posting his personal messages on TikTok. No matter how unlikely this situation may be, the star of the TV series “Very Strange Things” seems to have got into another mess with an equally unlikely rival. Hannah Godwin, a former participant of the show “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise”, accused the actor of not being able to shoot a video that he promised to shoot for her friend.

Hannah Godwin, who first appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor and then got engaged to Dylan Barbour in season 6 of BiP, posted a video on TikTok in which she talks about the agreement that she and Noah Schnapp were supposed to shoot videos for each other’s friends. Look what she said:


@Noah Schnapp I got a bone to pick with u!!!

♬ original sound – Hannah Godwin

Well, it was definitely… something. Hannah Godwin said that the actor, who played the key character Will Byers in the popular sci-fi series, came to her in private messages to find out if she would shoot a video for his friend on her birthday. Godwin agreed and asked him to do it in exchange for her friend, who was her admirer. The undergraduate graduate said she sent her video the next morning, and that Noah Schnapp said it was “perfect,” but he never fulfilled his part of the deal.

Despite the reality show contestant insisting she wasn’t upset and just thought it was all funny, many fans took advantage of the comments to call out Noah Schnapp for leaving Hannah Godwin in the lurch. Among those who brought the actor to justice was Godwin’s fiance, Dylan Barbour, who commented: “Noah, what’s good, bro.” When Schnapp found out about Godwin’s publication, he seemed surprised by the accusation, commenting:

Hannah Godwin replied that her people would contact his people. I hope they both did well, and Noah Schnapp helped her friend. As was the case with Doja Cat earlier this year, it seems that the “Bachelor in Paradise” veteran didn’t hold a grudge against the confusion with the actor.

Back in July, Dodge Cat apparently logged into Noah Schnapp’s private messages to find out about his colleague in the film “Very Strange Things” Joseph Quinn, who played the outstanding character of season 4 Eddie Munson. Schnapp released TikTok, revealing that he pointed the rapper in the direction of his colleague’s social media—a move that the “Say So” singer called “borderline snake shit” and “weasel shit.” The actor turned off TikTok and explained in an interview that he and Doja Cat clarified the situation and both apologized for their actions.

Noah Schnapp has certainly found himself in some unexpected social media feuds spanning both the world of music and reality TV. I hope he was able to sort things out with Hannah Godwin, as well as with Dodge Cat.

On the eve of the final season of “Very Strange Things”, you can review the first four seasons with a Netflix subscription and see who will follow in the footsteps of Hannah Godwin by getting engaged in the series “Bachelor in Paradise” when the series about real dates returns at 20:00. ET Monday, October 3, on ABC.


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