Noah Kalina Produced Impressive Video of the Photographs He Takes Every Day For 20 Years


The Amazing Change of the Man Who Photographs Every Day for 20 Years. American photographer Noah Kalina has produced a very impressive video of the photographs he takes every day for 20 years. The photographer, who started his ‘selfie timelapses’ project in 2000 with great patience and devotion, reveals the traces left by time itself.

39-year-old American photographer Noah Kalina photographed her face once a day, starting on January 11, 2000. Kalina looked at the lens with the same confused expression every day for 20 years and shared her video of 7,263 photos on YouTube.

The photographer, who has done a very interesting work, once again strikes us how incapable human beings are against time. In the photographs Kalina took with 20 years of patience, we see how the background, clothes, hairstyle, lips and eyes have changed over time. There is only one thing that does not change. That’s Kalina’s dull gaze.

On the left you can see the first photo of Kalina in 2000. On the right is the present.

Fitting the last 20 years of her life into an 8-minute video, Kalina shows the effects of time and reminds us of how monotonous and ordinary life is. The 39-year-old photographer blends the melody and photos in the background with great harmony, allowing you to get lost in the video.

Kalina first appeared in 2006 with her selfie timelapses video “Everyday”. Taking photographs every day for 6 years starting from 2000, Kalina is now opening a new curtain in this interesting project. Moreover, the American photographer continues this work. So maybe a 5-10 years from now we can see a new video from Kalina. If you want to take a closer look at Kalina’s work, you can check out her website or Instagram account.

A video of Kalina’s photographs taken for 20 years:

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