No, WhatsApp Will Not Include A Triple Blue Check To Warn Of Screenshots


WhatsApp: This week we have seen through networks like Twitter or TikTok people, anonymous or famous, share the same phrase: “The triple blue check arrives on WhatsApp: it will warn of screenshots. The messaging application seeks to protect the privacy of users.

This indicates that the messaging app will implement a third blue check that, if we see it appear, will notify us that the contact with whom we are chatting on WhatsApp has taken a screenshot of the chat. But it is true? Does this feature exist and will we see it soon? Well, we can categorically state that no, at least that is what WhatsApp itself points out.

The false triple blue check of WhatsApp, a website expert in officially denying hoaxes, rumours, scams and online scams, wanted to shed light on this issue. And for this he has gone directly to where he has to go: To the very source. For this reason, has asked WhatsApp for the inclusion of this supposed triple blue check. As they explain from the platform, “this function is not true”, the same is what they have answered from their Twitter account to the actress Ana Milan, who had published a tweet mentioning the supposed function.

We can also see that as of February 17, 2022, the messaging platform has not published anything about this function on its social networks or website. As to whether they are working on its implementation in the future, they indicate that they do not have “more information about it.”