No Web Browser Support on PlayStation 5


Hideaki Nishino, Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that the Internet browser will not be available on PlayStation 5. Nishino also stated that there are no plans to develop a browser for the console.

Consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation can perform different functions as well as offering their users a gaming experience. Applications of platforms such as YouTube, Netflix and Twitch can be used on these consoles.

In addition to these, these consoles also had an internet browser for users to access websites. We said –du because Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5 will not have an internet browser. Moreover, this information came directly from a Sony official, not from a third source.

Internet browser will not be available on PlayStation 5

Speaking to Watch Impress, which broadcasts in Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President Hideaki Nishino stated that there will be no web browser on PlayStation 5. Nishino also stated that they have no plans to develop a browser.

Sony Interactive manager said they believe the addition of a web browser application to the PlayStation 5 is an unnecessary addition to the console. Nishino said, “We do not intend to include a web browser in PlayStation 5 at the moment. We have doubts about whether a web browser is needed in the game console. So we will wait and see” he said.

Apart from Sony, Nintendo, also a Japan-based company, did not install a scanner on the Switch console. In fact, although this handheld console has a built-in browser, it can only be used in games that require application. The web browser was a feature in Sony’s last two generations.

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