No Way Home will not prevent Daredevil from finding out the secret of Spider-Man’s identity


Daredevil still has ways to find out Spider-Man’s secret identity after the events of Spider-Man: There is no way home. The colossal 2022 holiday blockbuster “No Way Home” ended with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) casting a spell to erase the world’s memory of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in order to stop an apocalyptic breach in the Multiverse. However, there is one person who can easily reveal Peter’s secret after the spell, and he is a really good lawyer.

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is Peter’s legal adviser in the film after the latter is accused of murdering Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), and like Peter, he leads a heroic double life as a Daredevil. Despite the fact that he was blinded by toxic chemicals as a child, Matt’s remaining senses were sharpened to a superhuman level, and his hearing even endowed Daredevil with an acute “radar sense”. These abilities make it much easier for Matt to reveal the identity of a masked hero like Spider-Man.

One aspect of Matt’s hearing that has served him well both as a lawyer and as a Daredevil is his ability to eavesdrop on a person’s heartbeat. This allows Matt to detect when someone is lying by changing their heartbeat, but he can also very easily apply this as a personality recognition tool. Being attuned to certain subtleties in the rhythm of Spider-Man’s heartbeat, if the two crossed paths in their heroic lives, it would give Matt many opportunities to metaphorically expose the secret identity of Spider-Man.

Being in close proximity to Spider-Man, Matt needed to be just as close to Peter Parker to listen to the heartbeat of the tragically forgotten Crawler on the wall in order to recognize their identical pattern. Hearing also won’t be the only feeling Matt can rely on to uncover Spider-Man’s secret identity. Matt’s highly enhanced sense of smell could also allow him to find out the truth again.

Fighting villains and ordinary street criminals, Spider-Man will definitely get on the body of garbage, such as dirt, mud, water, small pieces of concrete or other elements. As a Daredevil, Matt could easily detect the smell of such debris, which almost no one could do in Spider-Man. Similar to matching the heartbeat of Spider-Man and Peter Parker, Matt could then simply establish a connection by being near Peter and catching the smell of debris previously detected on Spider-Man.

After No Way Home, Charlie Cox continues to play the role of Daredevil in the MCU, and given their comic book history as close allies, it seems that Spider-Man and Daredevil may meet and maybe even team up at some point. It could also be where The Man Without Fear becomes the first MCU character to learn the true identity of Spider-Man from the Friendly neighborhood of New York after Dr. Strange’s amnesia spell took effect in Spider-Man.: there is no way home.” Fortunately, viewers and Peter Parker himself can rest assured that his secret identity will be safe with Matt Murdoch.